Shaw Computer Services
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We entered 2010 with a new ability, the ability to quickly and easily fix computers remotely over the internet. By visiting or by running the remote rescue icon on a computer we can establish a secure connection to one of the rescue computers at our shop. This connection shares the screen between our computers and allows us to see and interact with the remote computer desktop. With a shared desktop we can fix small problems and install programs without ever physically seeing the computer.rescue desktop We can even diagnose (but not fix) some hardware problems.The software works on both desktops and laptops and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. We even have the ability to perform a remote rescue from a cellphone in an emergency case. A high speed internet connection is required and we do need some information over the phone. No more need to wait on hold to talk to someone that cannot even be understood, welcome to the world of reliable and hassle free remote computer support. Of course for some issues computers still need physical attention, which is why the same people, who work remotely on computers, all have first-hand experience fixing computers right at our store in Fortuna.